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happy canada day!

Inunnguaq of Whistler Mountain (used by the First Nations people of British Columbia) | © Emma Leslie 2010

my new favourite person

Axel Hütte is a German contemporary landscape photographer. Hütte is part of a generation of German photographers that includes Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, and Andreas Gursky, who have been influential in the creation of this unique photographic aesthetic. His photographs follow a strict objective approach devoid of narrative and yet evoke emotive qualities with poetic sensibility.


Bryant Park | © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Ingelheim | © Axel Hütte 2009


Niederwald | © Axel Hütte 2009


Title unknown | © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Caesars Palace en Las Vegas | © Axel Hütte 2009


Elfenweiher | © Axel Hütte 2004


Sandia Mountains, USA| © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Underworld, New Mexico | © Axel Hütte 2008

Front Page Feature

Culled, but still one of my favourites.

Untitled | © Emma Leslie 2011

Front Page Feature

You are not forgotten.

Untitled (the colours of canada) | © Emma Leslie 2010