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Kaleidograph derived from Ancient Greek Kalos – “beautiful”, Eidos – “that which is seen: form, shape” and Graphe – “drawing, writing”.   bottom far left sold.    

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separation anxiety


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I don’t want to let you go


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Dimensions NC

The winning photograph chosen by Michael Eather, Director of Fireworks Gallery, Newstead. Thank you to all those who helped me decide which of the Landscape photographs should be submitted.

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photo sculptures by letha wilson

“I think the interesting thing about photography is you’re trying to capture that moment because you want to hold onto it, this vision, this view you see that’s encompassing you, so you’re using photography as an attempt to capture, but then there’s something interesting when you look at that photograph in a different place and […]

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happy canada day!

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my new favourite person

Axel Hütte is a German contemporary landscape photographer. Hütte is part of a generation of German photographers that includes Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, and Andreas Gursky, who have been influential in the creation of this unique photographic aesthetic. His photographs follow a strict objective approach devoid of narrative and yet evoke emotive qualities with poetic […]

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Front Page Feature

Culled, but still one of my favourites.

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Front Page Feature

You are not forgotten.

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the materiality of light

I discovered artistic expression through photography and have been trained as a media specific artist. However, driving my Honours research is the realisation that my long affinity with materiality is challenging the limits of my medium and changing the way I want to communicate artistically. How do I make the transition from photographer to a […]

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