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my new favourite person

Axel Hütte is a German contemporary landscape photographer. Hütte is part of a generation of German photographers that includes Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, and Andreas Gursky, who have been influential in the creation of this unique photographic aesthetic. His photographs follow a strict objective approach devoid of narrative and yet evoke emotive qualities with poetic sensibility.


Bryant Park | © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Ingelheim | © Axel Hütte 2009


Niederwald | © Axel Hütte 2009


Title unknown | © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Caesars Palace en Las Vegas | © Axel Hütte 2009


Elfenweiher | © Axel Hütte 2004


Sandia Mountains, USA| © Axel Hütte Date unknown


Underworld, New Mexico | © Axel Hütte 2008


30 second word association with myself:

Honours – Lost – Lonely – Love – Hills – Tea – Nothingness – Concrete – Sublime

Now that that is done we can proceed. So hiatus of the academic kind has kept me from coming up for air. Let’s take what we can get and that getting will involve fun finds and facts from my research.


Untitled (Flower tree monster of the night) | © Emma Leslie 2011

a portrait of portland

These were taken during my trip to Portland, OR, USA at the end of January this year.


Wooden water tank, Portland OR (2011) | © Emma Leslie


Warning sign: Riding your bike without the front wheel, Portland OR (2011) | © Emma Leslie


Sail away, Portland OR (2011) | © Emma Leslie


Haley's Comet at Stark's Vacuum Clear Museum, Portland OR (2011) | © Emma Leslie


Inner city suburbia, Portland OR (2011) | © Emma Leslie